Hello. We are just updating our site. For more information on how to get your handsĀ on some Burnard's Cider please call Ryan on 07588 556 889.

But for now, here is some history:

We have beenĀ producing CAMRA award winning cider on site at our family home in Banham, Norfolk, since 1989.

The ciders themselves tend to be still and clear, which is the Eastern Counties style.

Two of our ciders; Monty's Double & Oaky Dokey are well known. However Red Rosie, Bramley Swiggins & Stray Dog are examples of one off seasonal ciders that come around every so often, depending on the batch of apples.

All our ciders are fermented by the naturally occurring yeast, nothing is added or taken away.

So basically, it's really good for you...

For more information click on the social media icons below or call Ryan on 07588 556889.